Joint Ventures


SAR Property Development has completed several joint ventures with land owners and has future residential projects planned in Kent.


If you own land that can be granted planning permission then SAR Property Development is your perfect partner for a joint property venture to the mutual benefit of both parties.

Joint ventures are gaining popularity!  For a land owner, developing within a joint venture partnership delivers increased profitability instead of selling the land undeveloped or directly to a developer. In a joint venture, the land owner enters into an agreement with a developer, contributing land while the latter may finance or manage  the project or both.

The profits are then shared at a pre-agreed rate within the joint venture agreement. Architects and required consultants may also agree to contribute their services as part of the joint venture and be reimbursed at the conclusion of the project when the profits are realised.

Most land owners and property developers are used to traditional methods of financing construction projects which involve raising capital by either selling part of the land or borrowing a loan from a bank or both.  A joint venture partnership with SAR Property Development would eliminate this and land owners can achieve a higher return.


Interested? For an informal discussion please contact:

Steve Renham on 07990 881122